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Igniting Impact Podcast – Harm of ASFA – Episode 4

The Igniting Impact Podcast discusses the Harm of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) legislation. It features a panel of experts and those with lived experience, offering valuable perspectives and recommendations for its replacement. Hear from Stacey Moss, Marty Guggenheim, Shrounda Selivanoff, Jerry Milner, Kathleen Creamer, Karen Baynes-Dunning, and more. They will share their perspective on the harm of ASFA.

Harm of ASFA

The panelists provided noteworthy perspectives based on their personal and professional backgrounds regarding the optimal approach to advocating for change and challenging detrimental policies of ASFA. This significant discussion is highly recommended for individuals concerned with establishing a child welfare system that is fair and impartial.

Our firm believes in strengthening families and ending unnecessary separation. Our Child Welfare Vision and Strategies focuses on investing in whole families, ending unnecessary separation, and shifting the power to families. Our ultimate goal is to work towards replacing the current system with community support for all families. 

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