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Igniting Impact Podcast – Building Community and Connections – Episode 5

Having discussions about mental health can be quite difficult and overwhelming at times, and that’s why it’s essential to have access to helpful resources that can make these conversations easier. In this episode of the Igniting Impact Podcast, Stacey Moss engages in a conversation with Family Enrichment and Counseling Service Executive Director and Counselor Sara Vikse-Brenton, Counselor Marilia Paulon, and Public Knowledge® Management Consultant and Instructional Designer Michael deBeyer about their eLearning development project.

Graphic with quote from Marilia Paulon from Family Enrichment and Counseling Service

Michael and members of the PK Learning team are dedicating PK Cares hours to develop a youth mental health eLearning module based on a presentation initially created by Family Enrichment and Counseling Service. The episode delves into Michael’s personal experience that inspired him to take on this project, the details involved in transitioning from instructor-led to eLearning, the project’s significance, the importance of an inclusive workplace, and more.

Ultimately, the eLearning module aims to dispel myths surrounding suicide while providing people with accessible resources and examples on how to discuss this sensitive but significant topic with their loved ones.

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