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Public Knowledge® Launches Igniting Impact Podcast

United States – March 8, 2023 – Public Knowledge® is launching a new podcast, with the first episode available on Wednesday, March 15, the Igniting Impact Podcast. As a management consulting firm driven by catalyzing transformational change, this is an opportunity to share our clients’ stories. Public Knowledge® President Stacey Moss will interview clients who will share their experiences on real projects making real impacts.

“This podcast is a special opportunity to look at what goes on behind the scenes of our client’s projects. Public Knowledge® values the human side of our work, and this podcast is an excellent way to share that. I look forward to highlighting and exploring our clients’ tremendous work on the podcast.”

Stacey Moss, President of Public Knowledge®

The Igniting Impact Podcast is significantly more than an opportunity to share what their clients do daily. Public Knowledge® wants to highlight the work done by their clients, but also the work they do for their customers and stakeholders that is changing lives in the United States and Canada. The podcast shows the real impact of the work being done behind the scenes.

Two podcast episodes will publish each month, featuring the client, the project manager from Public Knowledge®, and President Stacey Moss. Topics included are as diverse as the consulting firm itself, ranging from child welfare and training development to stakeholder engagement for IT system replacements. Together, they will dive into challenges, lessons learned, and outcomes.

The first episode dives into the work done by the firm for the Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS). Stacey Interviews Senior Administrator Lindsey Schilling and Public Knowledge® Project Manager Alli Anderson. They explore how their diligence applied to the procurement process was an important investment and how lived expertise helps lend vital perspective.

“The Wyoming DFS WYOSAFE project is a textbook example of how a strong, motivated, and passionate client can partner with PK’s processes and subject matter expertise to achieve incredible outcomes. The relationships and trust between DFS and PK are incredible, and we share a common vision for success that makes every intentional step in the process well thought-out and as successful as possible.”

Alli Anderson, Programs Practice Director of Public Knowledge®

Lindsey is the Senior Administrator for the Social Services Division within the Wyoming DFS. In this role, she oversees child and adult protective services and juvenile justice programs across the state. As a certified foster parent, her position allows her to blend personal passions with a professional opportunity to effectuate change.

Alli is the Programs Practice Director at Public Knowledge® and the project manager for the CCWIS Procurement Support efforts with the Wyoming DFS.

The first Igniting Impact Podcast publishes on will be on Wednesday, March 15, and can be found on, Soundcloud, and YouTube. To receive the podcast directly and receive ongoing updates, subscribe to the newsletter.

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