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Igniting Impact Podcast – Understanding the Role of Organizational Change Management – Episode 6

In this episode of the Igniting Impact Podcast, Stacey Moss dives into the significance of organizational change management (OCM), sharing more about our firm’s flexible and adaptive approach to OCM, aligning with the organization’s specific needs, communication methods, and desired outcomes. Kassie Gram, Senior Vice President, Business Development, and Allison Ward, Learning Practice Director, offer their unique perspective on seeing its impact firsthand. Additionally, Allison shares more about our approach to eLearning development, the importance of providing relevant information to equip individuals for their roles and ensuring they feel supported, and the significance of accommodating different learning preferences.

Change, whether strategic initiatives, technology implementation, or restructuring efforts, can profoundly impact employees, processes, and performance. Effective organizational change management is the key to overcoming resistance, confusion, and reduced productivity that can hinder success. By engaging and inspiring employees, fostering transparent communication, and providing support, organizations can confidently navigate the path of transformation.

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