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PK Management Consultant Admitted to the Alabama State Bar

Supporting our people as they reach their goals is important to us at Public Knowledge®.

Management consultant Katie Stein, who reached her personal goal of becoming a licensed attorney, was admitted to the Alabama State Bar. Public Knowledge® (PK) is happy to announce this tremendous achievement.

Congratulations, Katie, On Your Admission to the Alabama State Bar

Graphic congratulating Katie Stein for her admission to the Alabama State Bar

We Want Our People to Succeed

As thought leaders, we know there are endless opportunities to grow in our role as management consultants. Our firm supports ongoing professional development opportunities by providing our people with paid time to pursue certifications as well as direct financial support for applicable certifications.

“Even though I was clear I did not want to practice law and wanted to continue as a consultant, PK understood that having my license was a personal goal for me and was completely supportive and excited for me!”

Katie Stein, Management Consultant

Dedicated to the Cause

The admission process, which Katie references as being “very thorough,” took approximately a year and a half to complete. Various examinations to determine her character and ability to practice law included:

  • A Character and Fitness investigation by Alabama.
  • An investigation by the National Conferences of Bar examiners.
  • A hearing from Alabama’s Character and Fitness Committee.

Expanding Her Skillset

Even though Katie won’t be a practicing attorney, it provides more trust from her clients that she has the skills to be a catalyst for positive outcomes.

“Even though I do not need a license to practice law to be a consultant at PK, I hope my status as a licensed attorney will allow clients and my colleagues to trust me more regarding my legal skills, my ability to analyze and think critically, and my integrous and ethical nature which helped tremendously in getting me admitted to the bar.”

Katie Stein, Management Consultant

What’s Next?

Katie’s background is primarily in child support and family law, and she looks forward to continuing to explore these realms in her consulting career. Additionally, another avenue piqued her interest while working on a recent ARPA-related client project— grant administration and the legal facets surrounding it.

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