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Lara Presented at the North Carolina Child Support Council and Attorney’s Conference 

August 24, 2022

Venue: Conference

As a consulting firm active in child support, sharing our knowledge and learning from others is crucial to our work.

Lara attended the North Carolina Child Support Council and Attorney’s Conference, sharing her expertise in the legal aspects of Social Security and child support. After delivering this presentation at the ERICSA Annual Conference, she was asked to share this helpful information with child support professionals.  

The Impact of Social Security Benefits  

Child support professionals encounter unique, sometimes complex, situations when it comes to navigating Social Security benefits within child support. At the North Carolina Child Support Council and Attorney’s Conference, Lara discussed:  

  • Defining SSI and SSD, their differences  
  • Identifying the benefits of Social Security  
  • How Social Security impacts calculating child support 
  • What you need to know when enforcing an order or closing a case when related to Social Security  
Remote Work

Setting Up Child Support Professionals for Success 

Public Knowledge® has worked closely with child support agencies nationwide for 30 years. Our firm saw firsthand the difficulty in finding relevant training opportunities for immediate application—that’s why we created a variety of course offerings to help you overcome this challenge. Delivered both on-demand and in person, you can customize your learning experience. 

Effective Child Support Customer Service Training Series 

Providing a holistic experience, there are five modules:  

  • Basics of Effective Child Support Customer Service 
  • Communication Skills for Effective Child Support Customer Service 
  • Elevating Communication & Rapport Building Skills   
  • Unintended Bias & Cultural Competence 
  • Child Support Customer Service in Action 

Collaborative Negotiation Training 

Relevant and helpful topics covered include:  

  • Using a collaborative negotiation approach that engages and educates parents 
  • Learning and practicing key negotiation and communication skills 
  • Improving your child support program’s performance by reaching agreements with parents. 

Entrust Your Training Needs to Public Knowledge® 

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