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Medicaid Awareness Month

April 1, 2023

Medicaid serves 85.2 million people, playing a critical role in increasing access to healthcare. Medicaid Awareness Month highlights all of the benefits this life-saving program provides. Not only does it address health disparities by providing medical coverage to vulnerable populations, but it increases access to preventative care and early interventions. Medicaid Awareness Month highlights the need for advocacy for strong Medicaid policies and funding and raises awareness of its positive impact.

Medicaid Awareness Month graphic stating "Lifeline for Millions"

Signed into law in 1965, Medicaid is the largest insurer in the country. Having seen many changes over the years and being part of many financial debates at both the federal and state level, this program continues to grow and serve our most vulnerable populations. State Medicaid agencies work tirelessly to improve the program, keeping up with federal regulation changes and the demands of state legislatures, as well as the needs of their own communities.

Public Knowledge® Medicaid experts are well aware of the work state Medicaid agencies face in this ever-changing program. We work closely with many states to understand system constraints and develop plans for improvements and procurements. Through this process, we work with our state partners to identify outcomes that will assist in improving care for beneficiaries and tools to better manage the program. Aligning with our firm’s value of “drive”, pushing forward despite challenges, and applying our skills and assets, this work allows states to serve their communities more efficiently.    

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