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2024 NASPO Exchange

March 5, 2024

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) serves as a network for fostering relationships between the supplier community and state governments, representing the most substantial consumer goods and services nationwide. The NASPO Exchange is where learning, networking, and partnership converge to strengthen public procurement practices with effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and equity.

Increase efficiency, streamline processes, reduce risk, and provide better procurement outcomes with Public Knowledge® consulting.

Big responsibility comes with being a public procurement professional. The decisions made at this stage of the process shape future actions. Procurement services within government agencies often receive inadequate attention. Efficient and effective procurement processes are essential for allocating funds and achieving agency objectives. Learn more about how investing in procurement support now can help ensure seamless procurement success and sustained collaboration.

At Public Knowledge®, we help maximize opportunities through our services and decades of expertise. Clients gain access to our suite of services through channels like the NASPO ValuePoint PASS program and well-established Master Contracts. Our experience in navigating procurement and supply chain complexities within governmental contexts, along with our commitment to provide tailored tools and strategies, allows us to consistently deliver results for our clients.

Meet our Experts Who Are Attending the NASPO Exchange

Alli Anderson, Programs Practice Director

  • Over a decade of experience in the public, non-profit, and private sectors working with human service agencies and the juvenile justice system. 
  • A skilled organizer and leader with strong analytical skills and extensive experience in planning and procurement. 
  • Over 11 years of training and facilitation experience with various stakeholders.

Kassie Gram, Senior Vice President of Business Development

  • Over 23 years of project management experience focused on health and human services, system and program implementation planning, stakeholder and communication management, requirements definition, quality planning, information technology, quality assurance, independent verification and validation, and business process redesign. 
  • Certified in Prosci® change management techniques and trained in Technology of Participation (ToP)® facilitation methods through the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

Increase efficiency, streamline processes, reduce risk, and provide better procurement outcomes by working with us. We understand the range of challenges you encounter. This includes spanning shifting requirements and regulations, heightened service demands, constrained staffing, financial uncertainties, and evolving technological landscapes. Recognizing the scale and complexity of your workload allows us to provide unwavering support and fortify your procurement endeavors.

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

We are ready to solve your tough problems.