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National Work and Family Month

October 1, 2023

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is more than just a buzzword to attract potential employees. It is crucial to practice within organizations to ensure everyone can thrive. By doing so, we enable ourselves to bring out the best in us personally and professionally. National Work and Family Month encourages us to evaluate how to integrate healthier habits into our daily work routine. 

Strategies to Infuse Work-Life Balance Into Your Day

  • Embrace imperfection.
    • There is a significant difference between striving for excellence and striving for perfection. Setting unrealistic goals at work can be counterproductive, leading to difficulty meeting deadlines. 
  • Schedule regular breaks.
    • Remember to prioritize yourself during busy days by scheduling lunch or another break. Protecting your time is important for maintaining well-being. 
  • Use your PTO.
    • Yes, even if it is a staycation. Giving yourself time to disconnect and recharge is vital. 
  • Give yourself permission to be off-screen.
    • In a day you find yourself in back-to-back meetings, see if taking a call on a walk is possible.

Creating adaptable and flexible work environments is crucial for us to be our best selves at work and home. We can achieve personal and professional success by striving for a healthy work-life balance. National Work and Family Month reminds us to step back and hold ourselves and our organizations accountable for maintaining this balance. 

At Public Knowledge®, we believe in a balanced life that incorporates all aspects of who we are. As a remote consulting firm, we understand the importance of family, friends, and hobbies that bring us joy and purpose. We encourage our team to prioritize their mental health and well-being alongside their work. This way, we can get our whole selves to our work and deliver exceptional results. 

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