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A Virtual Intergovernmental Training Event Hosted by ERICSA

August 25, 2021

Venue: Virtual

The Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) will be hosting its first virtual Intergovernmental Training Event, where our very own Public Knowledge® Management Consultant Lara Fors will moderate a session.

PK Management Consultant Lara Fors Will Moderate a Session

We love any opportunity to expand our knowledge (being true to our name, Public Knowledge®). Attending training like this, hosted by ERICSA, allow us to learn more about the work child support professionals are doing to change the current narrative.

Improvements in Intergovernmental Case Processing – An Update on the OCSE Grants

The breakout will discuss the Intergovernmental Case Processing Innovation Grant, a two-year demonstration project designed to test how child support agencies can increase payment. Furthermore, how these payments improve case processing efficiency and customer service on intergovernmental cases. Seven states and two tribal child-support agencies were granted awards in September 2019. This panel serves as a platform to share what they have learned during this process so far.

Speakers of this panel include:

  • Mariellen Keely
  • Daphne Risch
  • Danita Herrera
  • Lara Fors, Moderator

History of PK’s Involvement with ERICSA

Public Knowledge® has long been affiliated with ERICSA. Both of our organizations dedicate ourselves to improving the wellbeing of the children and families that utilize the child support system. Many members of our team are involved with ERICSA, including:

  • Lara has been on the Honorary Board for several years, in addition to being a past president
  • ERICSA elected Diane Potts as the Secretary for her first term
  • Amy Gober will continue to serve her second term on the Board of Directors
  • Current PKers Margaret Haynes, Nancy Crawford, and Robyn Large are all past presidents of ERICSA
  • CSF alumni Terri Nickel-Matson, Vernon Drew, and Susan Paikin are also past ERICSA presidents.


ERICSA is an organization that focuses on the interstate aspects of child support enforcement. They do this through program support and policy work their members provide, who shape policies, procedures, practices, and laws and regulations in all aspects of child support.

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