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PK Cares Hours Utilized to Help With Texas Winter Storm

A sudden winter storm impacted families in Texas. As a management consulting firm with our team across the United States, some of our consultants were affected.

During the crisis, Noelita Lugo, a Public Knowledge® Management Consultant, applied her PK Cares Volunteer Time-Off to assist with the aftermath.

“Seeing families, elderly individuals, and unhoused individuals suffering from power outages, loss of potable water, busted water pipes, and community-driven crisis management made me want to find additional ways to help (besides donating money and advocacy). So, I signed up to volunteer with a couple of different on-the-ground disaster recovery efforts.”

Noelita Lugo

Each year, volunteer time-off is provided to Public Knowledge® staff to apply to a cause of their choice. Noelita used her time at a food, hygiene, and water distribution event in South Central Austin, Texas.

“I enjoy volunteering any chance I get. Especially volunteer opportunities that bring me in direct contact with families. People often perceive low-income families as needing to ‘try harder,’ but the reality for working-class families is that they are trying everything they can to take care of their children.”

Noelita Lugo

Providing the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in our communities is vital to our work as management consultants. When giving back, we can grow as professionals and individuals.

“I juggle parenting, elder-care of my mother, serving on the school board, community advocacy, and holding a full-time job. But after a week during the winter storm, holding all those hats, I was emotionally exhausted. It was hard seeing so much crisis and having such little control over the systemic failures. By taking volunteer time from work, I could focus on one role. The role of a community member. It fueled me and helped me reset. And it reinforced my belief that PK is a special place to work.”

Noelita Lugo

Learn more about our volunteer time-off and get better acquainted with our firm.

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