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PK Signs Letter of Support to Guarantee Legal Counsel for Children and Parents

Public Knowledge® stands with over 100 national, state, and local organizations in a letter to Congressional Leaders.

The honorable Richard Burr, Virginia Foxx, Patty Murray, and Robert C. Scott wrote to Congress supporting of the proposal in S.1927, which guarantees legal counsel for children and parents involved in child welfare court
proceedings. Incorporating similar language into the final bill, “will better complement existing state law and
facilitate broader community support,” according to the letter.

Six-Year Study Shows Children Are 40 Percent More Likely to Leave Foster Care Within Six Months with a Specially Trained Attorney

The letter further explains how all parties in child welfare court proceedings deserve effective legal representation to advocate on their behalf. Not only is it helpful to navigate the intricacies of the court system, but it ensures all voices are heard when such large, life-altering decisions are being made in court.

“These are complex matters – often implicating numerous federal and state laws, expert testimony from clinicians, and the intersection of education, medical, and mental health systems. Attorneys are uniquely qualified to provide legal advice, file motions and appeals, call and cross-examine
witnesses, and harness the full panoply of legal protections available under state and federal law.”

The Timing is Right for Change

The stage is ready for changes such as these to make their debut. Nearly half of the United States now has access to federal matching funds through Title IV-E for legal representation for both parents and children involved in child welfare cases.

Join PK as We Stand for What is Right

Proper counsel for children and parents is vital to helping families stay together when navigating the child welfare system. Read the full letter or about National Association of Counsel for Children’s Counsel for Kids movement by clicking on the button below.

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