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PK Shared Child Support Distribution Policy Expertise at NCCSD Annual Conference

July 10, 2022

Venue: Conference

This valuable gathering with other child support experts and directors across the country keeps our firm engaged in significant policy changes.

Public Knowledge® child support experts Elizabeth, Kathy, and Meg attended the National Council of Child Support Directors (NCCSD) Annual Conference. The conference was a structured forum created for State IV-D child support directors to facilitate and engage in meaningful conversations regarding the child support program and attending NCCSD helps us connect with thought leaders from all over. Read more about the workshop Elizabeth participated in regarding new child support pass-through policies.

Elizabeth Spoke in a Workshop About Pass-Through Payments

The Multidimensional World of the Pass-Through

She spoke alongside IV-D directors and a deputy director from Washington, California, Illinois, and New Mexico. Additionally, Elizabeth shared the options available to states. As well as how these policies can increase the support paid directly to families.

The Future of Pass-through Payments

Pass-through payments will continue to change through ongoing legislation. The Strengthening Families for Success Act was introduced in the House and the Senate in October of 2020. It would allow States to pass through any amount of assigned support with full federal financial participation. To qualify, the State must disregard the current amount of support passed through. This is necessary for determining eligibility and the amount of assistance the family needs.

PK Has the Insight into Child Support Distribution Policy

Elizabeth, Kathy, and Meg are highly skilled child support experts. Their capabilities allow them to support all levels of government to help families receive the support they need.

We Have the Subject Matter Experts

Partnering with Public Knowledge® means having a team ready to help you co-create sustainable solutions. If you are exploring improving your state’s child support distribution policies, we have the resources you need to support you during that transition.


  • Her wealth of experience and expertise working in her 30 years of experience in field operations, policy, legal, and legislative analysis provides her with a unique perspective.


  • As a 26-year veteran of child support policy and operations analyst, Kathy brings a national scope.


  • Meg is a nationally recognized attorney with over 35 years of experience working in the child support sector and specializes in interstate and international child support issues.

Partnership and Innovation Starts with Our Firm

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