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SLI Secures Contract for Oversight of Colorado’s Unemployment Insurance Modernization Project

DENVER, CO (November 28, 2016) − Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), Division of Unemployment Insurance (UI), has selected SLI Global Solutions to provide Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services for the agency’s Mainframe Migration and Modernization (MMM) Project. The implementation and delivery of MMM is being conducted in two phases – Migration and Modernization.

Phase I – Migration and Refactoring is underway and is focused on an automated migration of the current UI COBOL ADABAS/Natural programs and database from its legacy mainframe platform to a contemporary platform. Phase I provides CDLE with a stable, modern platform for the Department’s mission critical UI Claims system. In this phase, code is migrated into object-oriented java that is easier to maintain and eliminates ADABAS/Natural licensing fees. This approach sets the table for Phase II.

Phase II – Modernization involves customizing the newly migrated and refactored Claims system to accommodate the division’s strategies, business intelligence, regulatory requirements and skills. The complete modernized system is intended to deliver a solution that recognizes the importance of the essential business objectives and requirements in its design and implementation. This modernization employs current tools, methods and technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the UI program. It is anticipated that the majority of SLI’s IV&V services will be utilized in this phase.

CLDE is contracting for IV&V services from SLI to improve the quality of delivered systems while reducing risks associated with complex, multi-phase IT development projects like MMM. SLI plans to conduct periodic assessments of project management and systems development processes and products to help identify and mitigate risks throughout the entire systems development lifecycle. The SLI team focuses on the review of Planning Oversight, Project Management, Quality Management, Requirements Management, Software Development, Data Management, Testing, Training, and Operations Oversight as the project moves through its planned 32-month duration.

Steve Esposito, President of SLI’s Government Solutions practice said, “SLI is very pleased to have been selected as the IV&V service provider for the CDLE MMM project. CDLE’s phased approach for MMM is a pragmatic and prudent plan that isolates and mitigates risks. Using a phased approach and modernizing incrementally enables CDLE to control operational costs and avoid risks of service interruption. To promote these objectives, SLI’s exception-based quarterly reports will factually assess the strengths and weaknesses of the project and provide actionable recommendations for correcting any weaknesses and leveraging the strengths that the assessment reports identify.”

“This award further solidifies SLI’s position as a market leader in the oversight of labor and employment projects,” Steve continued. “With the addition of the CDLE contract, SLI has been selected 22 times to assist 17 different states with their UI and labor-related IT initiatives. SLI’s IV&V teams are now currently contracted to provide support to UI implementations in Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri and Rhode Island. We are very proud of the real value our IV&V practitioners bring to each of our labor engagements.”

About SLI Global Solutions
SLI is a nationally recognized partner with state and local government agencies, providing Project Management Oversight, Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V), Quality Management (QM) and software testing services to the industry. An accredited software testing lab, SLI offers customers a proprietary ISO certified quality management methodology and framework, SQM3, which is derived from industry standards articulated by IEEE, PMBOK, ISO, SWEBOK, and COBIT. To learn more about SLI Government Solutions, please click here.

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