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Social Work Month

March 1, 2023

Social Work Month raises awareness about the profession, reflects on the positive contributions of this line of work, and celebrates them for the critical role they serve in our society. Public Knowledge® is proud to celebrate this profession.

The National Association for Social Work theme for 2023 is “Social Work Breaks Barriers.” Social workers have broken barriers that have prevented people and communities from thriving for over a century. People in social work have a strong desire to help others. They have worked to create life-changing circumstances for others, like Jane Addams, Ellen Gates, Ida B. Wells, George Edmund Haynes, Whitney Young Jr., and Frances Perkins, the first female Labor Secretary during the Great Depression. Perkins helped secure the benefits of the 40-hour work week, Social Security benefits, and minimum wage.

Group Holding Hands with Little Girl

This is a diverse industry offering many opportunities to break barriers. Social workers are in schools, hospitals, child welfare agencies, state and federal governments, and more. Many of the lives they touch are enriched with the power to overcome challenges so they may live their life to the fullest. Additionally, being mindful of how diversity plays a crucial role in social workers’ efforts is essential. While having a kind and compassionate demeanor is extremely important, it is also just as necessary for social workers to reflect our world.

Public Knowledge® proudly serves government sector clients comprised of social work professionals. We commend our clients for all they do for all children, families, and communities and use this month to celebrate their contributions and drive. Those who select this as a career field understand the rewarding moments which create waves of change impacting a lifetime. In addition, we want to bring awareness to the vital need for more people in this rewarding profession.

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