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Public Knowledge® to Host Virtual Event Series in 2023

United States – February 24, 2023 – The PK Profile, is the upcoming virtual event series that launches in March and focuses on highlighting complex problem-solving performed at Public Knowledge®. President Stacey Moss and Senior Vice President of Business Development Kassie Gram will rotate as hosts interviewing subject matter experts across multiple industries, including human services, child support, child welfare, and health and Medicaid.

Each guest draws from their perspective and background to share insight and knowledge on the approach to their problem-solving techniques. This free series will be available via Zoom with the ability to register in advance.

“This is an exciting initiative for Public Knowledge® and a valuable opportunity to give away our knowledge and learnings as a way to give back to the community at large. I am excited for others to join us at the PK Profiles this year.” 

Stacey Moss, President of Public Knowledge®

Not all management consulting firms are the same. PK believes in treating the root causes of issues rather than addressing the symptoms. The PK Profile is an opportunity to dive deeply into approaches to complex problem-solving. Guests will share more about their unique experiences at work and their outcomes.

“I look forward to this virtual series and having conversations about our impact. Our firm works with clients with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives that will lead to insightful conversations.”

Kassie Gram, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Public Knowledge®

The consulting practices aim to humanize the experience of everyone involved. From the consultant, the client, and the impact they make on the people served. In addition, these virtual events provide a valuable opportunity to share their stories and pass on their experiences for further application to improve how work is approached.

More information regarding the PK Profile will be available on the firm’s social media channels.

About Public Knowledge®

Public Knowledge® is a multinational management consulting firm focused on Programs, People, and Systems. We exist to help our clients solve challenging problems and thrive in complex environments. For more than 30 years, we have helped our clients achieve their goals by understanding their needs and objectives as a foundation for our problem-solving process. Our goal is to provide our clients unparalleled service and act as their catalyst for change. Learn more by visiting

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