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How to Blend Federal Systems Requirements with Organizational Goals

These two metrics can work together to achieve successful outcomes.

Our clients are required to track specific data points that do not always align with their own organizational goals. However, there is an opportunity to leverage the information you are already mandated to track while helping it align with your own success measures. 

Adopting a collaboration mindset when working with federal partners can drastically improve results. Public Knowledge® works extensively with data systems in health and human services to secure positive outcomes. In doing so, we are sharing four strategies to make the most of your reporting measures and requirements. 

Lead with Vision, Drive with Data

It is crucial for any agency in health and human services to work from an overall vision and shared approach. This is what will drive the organizational measures and identify what success looks like. 

Hone-In on What You’re Measuring

Identifying specific data points and defining how to measure their effectiveness will help define success and drive your approach. Not only measure what matters, but communicate what you are measuring, tell staff and stakeholders why it matters, and let everyone know at regular intervals how you are doing.   

Create Proactive Methods

Having proactive systems in place to measure data sooner gives you the ability to have information available for real-time use. In doing so, you can make more strategic decisions impacting your own long-term goals and avoid any temptation to game the measures.

Leverage Required Reporting Requirements

Agencies can be creative in how they leverage the data they are required to report. Report on federal, state, and local requirements but also highlight data to show progress on top agency priorities. Pinpointing different information while simultaneously satisfying federal metrics is an avenue to customizing data that measures your own success measures.

Our Work with Systems

Many data systems in health and human services are outdated, primarily built to track and county, not analyze and integrate. Public systems serve people with complex, multidimensional needs currently met by a broad network of public agencies. Our work in systems to assist in modernizations and transformations, such as health exchanges or the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System.

PK offers comprehensive support, including:  

  • Project and Risk Management
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Federal System Certification
  • Testing
  • Security Assessments

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