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Using Agile Outside Software Development

IT World has an interesting article about using the tools and techniques of agile development and scrum for projects other than software development. Many of the techniques are similar to PK’s own Predictive Management (PM) toolset.

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Being Late on A Project Matters

We have noticed a growing trend toward accepting that projects will be late as the norm. Recently we’ve run into several projects that were going to be late and the consequences were grave.

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Procure Better Systems

We have often been asked to help a public-sector client out of a jam with a multi-million-dollar system procurement effort. Each time, it was too late because their procurement design or evaluation resulted in the selection of a vendor that did not meet their needs.

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Why Invest in Procurement

Through more than 30 years of experience, we have identified best practices to improve procurement processes. Investing in sound procurement practices can reduce cost and effort over time.

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Procurement Staff Development

Procurement staff development is a wise investment. Leading public procurement agencies are raising the level of professional development offered to employees through training, certification, and adoption of clearly defined standards.

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Effective procurement through leadership

Competent leadership is required at every stage of an effective procurement process; purchase decisions directly affect the organization.

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How to Make Procurements Less Painful

One of our clients recently asked us to give them some lessons learned and recommendations on how to make their procurements less painful.

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