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Creating Drive and Innovating for Progress in Denver

We continuously prioritize our values.

Every year, we come together in person as a firm to continue cultivating relationships, fostering meaningful connections, and learning alongside each other through professional development. Our recent 2024 SPARK Summit in Denver exemplifies our core values of inclusion, teamwork, and impact. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas, acquire knowledge, and establish lasting connections with each other.

Embracing Our Values

Under the theme “Create Drive, Innovate for Progress,” SPARK revolved around two of our firm’s values: drive and progress. These values emphasize our dedication to delivering impactful solutions that address the root causes of our clients’ challenges. Throughout the conference, the firm delved into various topics. Presentations explored innovative problem-solving approaches and fostered a culture of continuous improvement.

Insights and Learnings

The 2024 SPARK Summit sessions were filled with opportunities to connect with those we work with daily. The bonus was connecting with others who were focused on the same mission but support the company in other ways. From discussions on nurturing creativity and innovation to understanding the transformative power of empathy, each session offered valuable insights into how we can better serve our clients and communities.

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A Hands-On Experience

One of the highlights of the SPARK Summit was the “Changing the Odds” poverty simulation, which Mile High United Way hosted. Through this interactive activity, we better understood the challenges facing families living in poverty. In a separate activity, PK’ers also made blankets for the community baby shower hosted by Mile High United Way to help expecting mothers.

Putting People First

At Public Knowledge®, we prioritize people in everything we do, including how we work together as a team. It was an incredible opportunity for our team to come together, share experiences, and celebrate each other’s unique contributions. More than just a conference, the 2024 SPARK Summit was a reminder of our commitment to building stronger connections, driving progress, and making a positive impact in all our endeavors.

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