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Thank You for Connecting with PK at the 2023 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit

March 6, 2023

Venue: Conference

Learning and problem-solving in the health and human services sector.

The 2023 State Healthcare IT (HIT) Connect Summit provided a collaborative approach to states navigating operational and system responsiveness, policy demands, and improved service coordination. Public Knowledge® (PK) works extensively with the health and human services departments across the United States to create solutions to solve complex problems. As a firm equipped with our proprietary blend of systems, programs, and people, we know how to create unique approaches to navigating these complicated, highly-regulated environments.

Connecting You with the Right People with the Right Expertise

Public Knowledge® understands the best way to serve our clients is to provide them with the subject matter experts equipped to solve the problem. Several of our health and Medicaid experts were at our booth during the 2023 State HIT Connect Summit, including:


  • Experienced Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Lead, managing resources and work products.   
  • Subject Matter Expert for MITA State Self-Assessments, Medicaid, and CMS Certification initiatives.  
  • Experienced in the establishment of Project Management Offices (PMO) for public sector organizations. 


  • Managed state and federal policy and regulatory issues related to healthcare, Health Information Exchange, and Health Information Technology for Colorado.
  • Excels in organizational management, relationship development, and facilitation.
  • Experienced in research, program management and development, advocacy, coalition building, and contract negotiations.
  • Strong business skills related to healthcare technology and tools.


  • Has a passion for change projects, especially difficult or high-risk projects.
  • A senior leader for procurement, assessment, facilitation, and project management advice.
  • Serves on the Capacity Building Center for Courts team and is recognized as an expert and the lead staff on the CFSR, PIP, and legal representation topical areas nationally.

Your All-Inclusive Procurement Resource

We leverage our extensive experience within procurement for our clients. We understand procurement has many moving parts to it. By meeting our clients where they are, Public Knowledge® partners with them to streamline operations. Whether you need assistance with an overall procurement strategy or specific aspects such as funding requests or requests for proposals, we are here to help.

We’ll Help You Measure Your Impact

Public Knowledge® is constantly assessing what our client needs—and creating a solution to meet those needs. Our dedication to continuous innovation within our offerings led to the creation of our Business Intelligence and Impact Team (BIIT).

BIIT is a sector of our firm entirely dedicated to helping with managing programs, facilitating policy innovations, and implementing system changes. By partnering with this team, you can create the innovation you’re looking for.

The Ultimate Partner in Human Services

Positive Outcomes Delivered.

We are ready to solve your tough problems.