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National Foster Care Awareness Month

As a National Management Consulting firm specializing in supporting the Public Sector, we have great respect for public servants and their various programs.

Foster Care is a Child Welfare program available to children throughout the Nation and a program we have been able to guide throughout the decades. We agree wholeheartedly with the statement by President Biden in his official Proclamation of the National Foster Care Awareness Month.

During this National Foster Care Month, we share our gratitude for those who support youth and families by being a resource to children in need and supporting birth parents so that they may safely reunite with their families whenever possible. We also recognize that it takes collaboration and community effort — from local organizations to federal agencies — to support children, birth parents, and resource and kin families during challenging times.

President Biden

During the Pandemic, foster care had to navigate the public health crisis in an already challenging environment. Housing, employment, and educational opportunity obstacles were further magnified. Therefore, we extend our gratitude to all Child Welfare Professionals, families, and children. They were able to get through the barriers by putting their desire for being there for others above all.

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