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Support National Child Abuse Prevention Month 

Our management consultants are continuously supporting professionals in the Child Welfare sector.

Each April, during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we share with our network the importance of communities working together to prevent abuse and neglect. We have committed to taking purposeful action for over three decades, which has driven solutions throughout communities. We focus our time, attention, and talents on developing thriving children and families. This month is more than spreading awareness but is centered on our genuine support.  

Dedicated to Supporting this Effort

Child welfare professionals have to work in complex environments, taking children, families, communities, and government into account. We understand how to navigate these layers to strengthen families and keep their well-being a priority. By participating in the National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we celebrate the achievements of our clients through the decades while also acknowledging there is still a significant amount of work to be done.  

“Public Knowledge works directly with the Wyoming Department of Family Services and their stakeholders, who work tirelessly to help children and families in Wyoming. Helping plan these pinwheels for Child Abuse Prevention Month is just a small way we can show support for the work they do every day. And is a symbol of our commitment to serving them in their journey to support children and families.”

Alli Anderson, Management Consultant

Our Impact on the Child Welfare Area is Vast

We have been innovators for decades and take this responsibility seriously. Therefore, we are proud to elevate our consulting services with a new innovative program we founded in July of 2021, Family Integrity & Justice Works. This effort seeks to replace the system, one community at a time, boldly. It is our grassroots approach to empowering child welfare professionals and partners to enable sustainability. 

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