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National Reunification Month

June 1, 2024

National Reunification Month highlights the dedicated efforts of child welfare professionals and agencies in safely and promptly reuniting children, youth, and their parents. However, it is also vital to acknowledge the difficulties and traumas parents face navigating a system encouraging separation. Public Knowledge® champions the cause of reunification as the primary goal for children and families in the child welfare system, emphasizing the importance of empowering families to achieve this end. 

Our Vision for an Equitable Future

We envisage a world where parents, children, and youth involved in the child welfare system receive the justice and care they deserve. Our approach focuses on ensuring the well-being of children and families, advocating for a system that values preventive services over separation. 

Strategies for Change

Our Child Welfare Vision and Strategies demonstrates our firm’s commitment to radically transforming the child welfare system. Our experts are dedicated to reducing the unnecessary separation of children from their families. Through fundamental change, we believe there is a future where family separation is a last resort rather than the norm.

Families Belong Together: A Call to Replace the Child Welfare System

The current child welfare system is causing more harm than good, and a complete change in the system is necessary. Our firm is publishing a book that contains powerful narratives, articles, and art from those who have experienced the child welfare system firsthand.  

A National Call to Action 

National Reunification Month is more than a period of recognition. It is a national call to action that our firm is deeply passionate about. Families belong together.

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