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SAIF Corporation Awards QA Contract to SLI Global to Assess Implementation of Modern Worker’s Compensation Insurance System

DENVER, Colo. (March 6, 2016) – SAIF Corporation is a not-for-profit, state-chartered workers’ compensation company processing over 40,000 claims a year. SAIF was created by the Oregon state legislature in 1914 as a state agency, and in 1980, became the nation’s first public corporation specializing in workers’ compensation insurance. After careful evaluation of its current and future technological needs, SAIF is moving forward with their Workers’ Compensation Information System (WCIS) Replacement Project. SAIF is replacing legacy policy and billing functions with a modern COTS application and an Agile System Development Lifecycle (SDLC). SAIF has chosen Guidewire as its COTS vendor and is moving forward with plans to implement Guidewire’s PolicyCenter (PC) and BillingCenter (BC) products.

Given the critical importance of SAIF’s services to Oregon’s workers and employers, SAIF is committed to early identification and mitigation of risks associated with complex IT projects like WCIS. To that end, SAIF has selected SLI Global Solutions, LLC (SLI) to deliver Quality Assurance (QA) services on their WCIS Replacement Project.

SLI’s contract provides SAIF with an initial independent assessment of the project management, development/configuration plans and approach as well as risks associated with an agile implementation effort. SLI’s QA team makes extensive use of its SpARC™ protocol (SLI’s process for agile in a regulated context), which focuses on the assessment of agile projects. SpARC™ addresses the issue of traditional QA approaches that depend on the review of comprehensive documentation and deliverables, which are not available on an agile project. Once an initial assessment is complete, a plan for ongoing quality assessments of project progress, processes, deliverables, and risks will be constructed. SLI’s QA team will provide periodic review reports that focus on the highest risk areas as the project proceeds through agile development to production.

“SLI is proud to be selected to assist SAIF in achieving its mission to constantly improve Oregon’s workers’ compensation system by setting the industry standard for affordability, availability, innovation, efficiency, and service quality,” said Steven Esposito, SLI’s Vice President of Government Services. “As organizations look to save money and time by purchasing COTS applications and using an agile methodology to deploy them, it was important that QA approaches evolve to meet the challenge. Our investment in SpARC™ ensures that SLI has proven tools to assist SAIF and our other clients meet the challenges of successful agile SDLC projects.”

About SLI Global Solutions
SLI Global Solutions (SLI) is a Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) professional services company with over 26 years of experience providing customers with value-oriented solutions for their most pressing needs. SLI helps clients implement high-quality IT solutions through the application of standards-based risk management, quality assurance, project oversight, and software/hardware testing services. SLI’s mission of managing technology risk is embedded in all of our offerings and is the prime driver in our delivery of services and solutions. From planning through implementation, SLI’s team of world-class professionals and thought-leaders serve as quality advocates by safeguarding that IT systems are developed according to agreed upon standards, fulfilling the business needs/goals and meeting federal or industry certification criteria. We provide certified professional expertise in project management, governance risk & compliance, software testing & quality assurance, and training for government agencies and commercial clients. For more information, visit

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