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Child Support Awareness Month: PK Celebrates 47 Years of Families Receiving Valuable Support  

As a continuously changing and evolving program, we bring decades of experience in bringing efficiencies to state and local programs benefiting children and families directly. 

Last fiscal year, the child support program served over 13 million children. As one of the government’s most cost-effective programs, it collected $32.7 billion—of which 96 percent went directly to families. As we celebrate Child Support Awareness Month, Public Knowledge® (PK) wants to bring to light the true benefits this valuable program brings to millions nationwide.  

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What is Child Support? 

In short, child support helps to support the health and wellbeing of children. Child support provides a parent with the financial resources to help furnish the necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Additionally, child support provides resources for valuable education and learning tools and supplies, such as books, toys, and school supplies.   

We’re Experienced in Navigating the Complexities of the Child Support Program 

Our consultants at PK are nationally renowned experts specializing in public policy, child support program operations, business process redesign, strategic planning, and legal analysis. We approach every project as a new opportunity to partner with our clients. By working together, we co-create innovative, effective strategies that have the overarching goal of positively impacting families.  

Sharing Our Insight All Month Long  

One of our firm’s core values is knowledge transfer—meaning we see our expertise as a resource we want to share with our current and future clients. Part of our observation of Child Support Awareness Month entails sharing weekly “Idea Posts” answering common questions in the child support space from our subject matter experts.  

Topics we will be sharing more about include:  

  • Office of Child Support Enforcement intergovernmental improvement grants projects 
  • Child support training courses for staff and management 
  • Child support distribution and pass-through options 
  • Planning recommendations for states looking to modernize their child support systems 
  • Federal policy changes regarding IV-E foster care case referrals to child support agencies. 

Partner with the Leaders in Child Support  

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