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What it Means to be a Disruptive Innovator

It is a mindset and a way of life.

Public Knowledge® (PK) is comprised of many passionate, disruptive innovators. While that sounds great, what does it mean? Aligning with our mission to be a catalyst for change, we believe taking deliberate action is the only way we will improve the lives of the people our clients serve. Changing lives takes those willing to question the norm, ask the right questions, and roll up their sleeves to do the work. Those are the people of PK. 

As disruptive innovators we:

Drive Innovation

Just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean it has to stay that way. PK is driven by the desire to be creative, innovate, and work closely with our clients to find an alternative way to move forward to improve effectiveness or efficiency. We do this by prioritizing relationships, actively listening every step of the way, and bringing new ideas from other industries and service lines. 

Respond to Changing Trends

We do not just tolerate change; we welcome it with open arms. As a multinational consulting firm working with clients across the United States and Canada, we can see changing trends and adjust accordingly. We have Practice Directors who watch changing rules and regulations in each of our industries and service lines. 

Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset

PK embraces and encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. This approach allows us to harness opportunities, overcome obstacles, implement new strategies and methodologies, and thrive in complex, challenging environments. This type of mindset is crucial in the work that we do. We are a matrix team-based organization, so the ideas can come from anyone at the consulting firm, not just those in charge. 

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Innovate Strategically, Not Reactively

Our firm strives to work from a place of strategy, not reacting to a situation. In doing so, we can build a thoughtful approach to working with the appropriate stakeholders to achieve sustainable change. Putting a bandage on a problem makes it harder to solve down the road. 

Find the Root of the Problem 

Our approach to consulting is to find the root of the problem, co-create a solution with our clients, support implementation, and then find another problem to solve. This approach means we create solutions that are lasting, sustainable, and fully supported by the client. In doing so, we are working ourselves out of the equation so they can move forward without us and sharing our knowledge along the way. 

Our Disruptive Work in Child Welfare

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