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Igniting Impact Podcast – The Journey to Healthcare Transformation in Montana – Episode 9

In this episode of the Igniting Impact Podcast, Shellie McCann and Jerilyn Grow discuss the journey towards healthcare transformation in Montana through Montana’s Program for Automating and Transforming Healthcare (MPATH) Project. Shellie, Medicaid Systems Administrator for the Department of Public Health and Human Services in Montana, shares her background in transitioning from a provider to her current role. Jerilyn, the Project Management and Consulting Processes Director at Public Knowledge®, discusses her journey working with Montana.

The motivation behind MPATH is simple and inspiring: ensuring that 320,000 members and 33,000 providers have the right services and support when needed. This project embodies the idea that technology should serve the people, not the other way around. By focusing on modularity and breaking down complex issues into manageable segments, the MPATH Project is redefining healthcare transformation.

Graphic with quote from Shellie McCann about the Montana MPATH Project

Listen to the episode to learn more about our firm’s role in this project, the importance of interoperability within healthcare and health and human services, and Shellie’s and Jerilyn’s advice for inclusive, impactful teams.

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