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Navigating Crisis Management 

The war in Ukraine has left many struggling to navigate these new waters. We can help.  

World crisis impacts our local communities in a variety of ways. We all can rise to the occasion to work toward a solution. In response to the war in Ukraine, Congress passed the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022. 


Recovery is a Team Effort  

Our clients constantly have to work through challenges and navigate new complex situations. The Colorado Department of Human Services and Health Care Policy and Financing Programs are collaborating to provide instruction on how to temporarily identify Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees on the Non-Citizen window of the Colorado Benefits Management System. 

What Does This Mean? 

  • This process can approve benefits for Adult Financial, Colorado Works, Medical Assistance, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for a newly eligible non-citizen population. As a result, states can take a meaningful step in navigating crisis management.  

We Can Help You Respond to this New Legislation 

Public Knowledge® (PK) has extensive expertise and the subject matter experts to assist in navigating this process. We have over 30 years of experience working with Medicaid systems and health policies across the country. Paired with our extensive procurement background, our consultants understand the complexity of these processes and will help you address and navigate this landscape. No matter where your state is at in implementing this process, PK will meet you where you are.

Everyone Can Do Their Part to Make an Impact 

Seeing outcomes like in Colorado is an inspiring example of stakeholders coming together to make an impact. This large project is an incredible example of dedication to doing what is right to help those affected. We are ready to work with your state to navigate this new territory.  

Let Us Help You Navigate this Situation 

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