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Connie Morton Volunteers at Three Square Food Bank

Operationalizing our values in our local communities.

At Public Knowledge® (PK), we believe in the impact of volunteering and its significant influence on our communities. This sentiment is deeply ingrained in our culture and values, leading to the creation of the PK Services Hours. This program encourages our people to contribute their time to causes they are passionate about.

Making an Impact in Southern Nevada

Connie decided to utilize her PK Services Hours by dedicating her time to the Three Square Food Bank. Alongside a group of volunteers from a local lender, she packed nutritious boxes for senior citizens and prepared snack bags for children. These would later be distributed across various recreational centers and YMCA facilities.

About Three Square Food Bank

Three Square Food Bank’s mission is to ensure no one in their community goes hungry. They coordinate with a network of partners, including non-profit organizations, schools, and faith-based groups, to deliver nourishing meals to those in need. In 2023, their efforts culminated in the distribution of over 37 million meals, equating to more than 45 million pounds of food and grocery items.

“The day was more impactful knowing I was making a difference for those of whom food insecurity is a daily reality. I was grateful for the staff and volunteers to grocers and other businesses committed to ending hunger in my community.”

Connie Morton, Management Consultant

A Commitment to Community Engagement

At PK, we understand the significance of giving back. Giving our people time to contribute to their communities during their workday fosters personal growth and strengthens community bonds. Our PK Services Hours are more than just a policy. They are our core values of inclusion, teamwork, and impact in action. PK’ers have used this time to pack food for other organizations, build homes for Habitat for Humanity, and more.

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