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Kelli Secures Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Striving for continuous improvement.

Kelli Mahan has received her Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. This accomplishment highlights her drive for continuous improvement and positions her as a valuable asset in driving process enhancement initiatives.

A Gateway to Process Improvement

A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a person who possesses basic knowledge of Six Sigma methodologies. Additionally, it is recognized by the Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC). Although they do not lead projects independently, they are essential team members or subject matter experts in various initiatives. Their responsibilities often include developing process maps to support Six Sigma projects and leading smaller process improvement efforts using the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) methodology.

Meet Kelli

Kelli Mahan
  • She is the operations administrator. And is responsible for managing the administrative functions of the firm, with an emphasis on onboarding and training, strategic planning, and internal operations.
  • Has more than 25 years of experience working with state and local government entities, non-profit organizations, and private industries, including health care and legal services. 

PDCA: Empowering Yellow Belts to Drive Change

The Yellow Belt’s primary tool is the PDCA methodology, also called the Deming Wheel. This methodology helps Yellow Belts identify processes for improvement and foster a culture of constant enhancement within their organizations.

“I’m excited to acquire the knowledge and skills that comprise the Lean and Six Sigma methods and protocols. They will help me be more effective in my work with both the Onboarding Team and the Delivery Support Team as we create new processes and revise existing ones to support our clients best, whether external or internal. I can’t wait to dive into the Green Belt content!”

Kelli Mahan, Operations Administrator 

About The Council for Six Sigma Certification

Founded in 2005, CSSC is pivotal in standardizing Six Sigma training programs worldwide. Their accreditation program ensures that certification and training providers adhere to rigorous standards, thus guaranteeing that professionals like Kelli receive education covering the fundamental principles of Six Sigma methodology.

The First Step to a Larger Goal

Kelli’s attainment of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is not just a personal achievement—it’s a testament to the continuous pursuit of excellence within the Six Sigma community.

“Obtaining my Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification feels, on the one hand, like a big accomplishment for me, and on the other hand, it’s just the first step on the path to a much bigger goal.”

Kelli Mahan, Operations Administrator 

As she joins the ranks of certified professionals, her newfound expertise promises to drive positive change and enhance organizational performance within the firm.

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