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Driving Positive, Sustainable Change with Organizational Change Management

We provide support and structure during transitions.

Management Consultant, Julie Breedlove, earned her Prosci’s Change Management Certification to hone her skill on the “people” side of change management to better serve our Public Knowledge® (PK) clients.

Congratulations Julie for Earning Prosci’s Change Management Certification

Graphic congratulating Julie Breedlove from PK on earning Prosci's Change Management Certification

“I learned that organizations don’t change; people do! I wanted to learn more about how to help PK clients think about their organizational changes and how to help their people become more aware of the change, build a desire to change, increase their knowledge about the future state, become confident in their abilities to adapt to the change, and to reinforce the change once it happens.”

Julie Breedlove, Management Consultant

What a Prosci Change Management Certification Means for Our Clients

We believe in pursuing relevant certifications that provide value to our clients, and the Prosci Change Management Certification is no exception.

“I am passionate about the people side of our work in Public Knowledge and wanted to attend a training that would help me gain additional tools to help our clients develop their own teams and improve their organizations.”

Julie Breedlove, Management Consultant

Having someone in your corner to guide you through organizational changes is key to a smooth transition where everyone feels supported. The Prosci methodology is a structured, repeatable, and adaptable approach.

The approach encompasses three components:

The Prosci Change Triangle Model

The framework was created for understanding the four key aspects of successful change.

The Prosci ADKAR Model

A model tailored to facilitating individual change.

Prosci 3-Phase Process

An approach to enable the people side of change management with sustainable outcomes.

What It Means to Support the People Side of Change Management

Improving systems and programs is great—but do you know that we have extensive consulting services focusing on your organization’s most important resource, your people? We have a variety of service offerings in place to help organizations find success.

Organizational Change Management

  • Organizations are always changing—and that’s good! But we also know that comes with uncertainty. Our management consultants offer support and assist you in choosing the right hange management model and communication efforts. We create positive, sustainable changes with a change-readiness approach that takes the needs of everyone involved into consideration.

Organizational Design and Redesign

  • Changes in leadership often come with organizational changes, and luckily PK is ready to help with both. We work with you to define or clarify your organizational vision, analyze your current state, and then make recommendations and develop an alternative for your consideration. After leadership coaching and collaborative facilitation, we assist during the implementation process to ensure clear communication.

We Know What It Takes to Create a Successful Team

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