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Sara Melendez Becomes PMP® Certified

Helping our clients develop custom approaches.

Professional development is an ongoing focus, as it aligns with our approach to always providing our clients with the right people with the right expertise. Management consultant Sara Melendez has secured the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification. With this certification, it allows us to further serve our clients by:

  • Effectively leading projects and teams.
  • Deploy the appropriate PMP® approach best suited for the project.
  • Create an approach aligned with the clients’ overall strategic organizational goals.

Helping Our Clients Be Responsive to Change

The three fundamental PMP® approaches include predictive, agile, and hybrid. Having in-depth knowledge of these methodologies means we can structure our process based on the situation’s needs. All projects and organizations require a different approach. While some need more structure, others respond better to responsiveness and adaptability.

PMPs Help Build High-Performing Teams

Public Knowledge® (PK) combines creativity with in-depth knowledge of functioning in highly regulated environments. Our approach to management consulting combines know-how with tangible results. Paired with relevant certifications, we learn new ways to support our clients.

“It was surprisingly great to discover additional tools and techniques to help with estimating, monitoring cost, and controlling schedules.”

Sara Melendez, Public Knowledge® Management Consultant

Adaptable to All Industries

The PMP® certification is unique in its ability to address all aspects of a project. Regardless of the industry, its approach factors in the complexities of people, processes, and business environments. As a firm specializing in creating unique solutions in highly regulated, complex environments, aligning with an approach like this helps us serve our clients better.  

Prioritizing Professional Development

The way we continue to serve our clients is by developing new skills. Our people get dedicated professional development time and budget to pursue their chosen certifications. This is an opportunity to pursue interests, expand on strengths, and explore new methodologies.

“Project management is one of my strengths, but I wanted to solidify my skills to bring them to future PK projects.”

Sara Melendez

Co-Creating Positive Outcomes

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