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Tracey Slipp and Les Jones Volunteer at Greener Village

Making a difference in our communities.

Tracey Slipp and Les Jones have a shared passion for positively impacting their community. Drawn to the mission of Greener Village, a community-driven organization, they decided to lend their time and skills to support the fight against hunger and promote food security in the greater Fredericton area.

Greener Village’s Holistic Approach

Greener Village is not just a food bank but a comprehensive initiative addressing various aspects of community well-being. Volunteers run this organization and offer various services, including a food bank, community gardens, a learning kitchen, and a boutique that sells clothing and household items. They demonstrate their commitment to tackling hunger from multiple angles by providing diverse programs.

Tracey Slipp (left) and Les Jones (right) volunteering at Greener Village

The Impact of Greener Village

Greener Village is an organization that distributes approximately $1.6 million worth of food annually. They leverage their size and unique position within the local food system to maximize the impact of donor contributions. For every dollar donated, they can purchase double the food, providing over 125,000 monthly meals to more than 1,900 families. One of their key features is customizing grocery boxes to accommodate dietary restrictions, ensuring inclusivity and dignity for all recipients.

“It was wonderful to see other organizations also volunteering their time as well. It was an eye opener to see the whole process of how they run this place and all the regular volunteers who help keep it running.”

Tracey Slipp, Business Development Administrative Assistant

Supporting Community Well-being

Greener Village is an organization that acknowledges the diverse needs of its clients. About 35 percent of their clients are children and youth, while 10 percent are seniors. The organization’s primary objective is to empower individuals and families toward self-sufficiency. They offer food assistance and essential resources such as clothing and career opportunities. Greener Village follows a holistic approach to tackle the multifaceted nature of poverty. They believe in providing comprehensive support to their clients to help them achieve their goals.

About Our PK Service Hours Program

This program gives our people paid time to volunteer for causes that matter to them. By actively participating in Greener Village, Tracey and Les exemplify our firm’s values, contributing to the betterment of their local community.

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