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Why Should You Work with a Board Certified Coach?

Constantly expanding our knowledge to serve our clients better.

At Public Knowledge® (PK), being a catalyst for change means continuously expanding our knowledge and capabilities to help our clients reach their goals. Driven by our values of impact and knowledge sharing, our dedication to continuous learning and improvement is critical to that commitment. The Center for Credentialing and Education has granted PK management consultant Stephen Forrest Board Certified Coach status, which helps further this goal.

The Benefits of Working with a Board Certified Coach

Elevated Expertise

Obtaining this credential entails undergoing rigorous training, evaluation, and adhering to a strict code of ethics. As a result, Stephan possesses a high level of expertise, equipped with innovative coaching techniques and a profound understanding of human behavior.

A Tailored Approach

Coaches like Stephen understand that every organization has unique strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. Through empathetic listening and strategic guidance, they tailor solutions that align seamlessly with the client’s vision, culture, and objectives.

More About Stephen

  • Expert in public sector areas of administration, natural resources, oversight, budgeting, and finance.
  • Skilled educator, researcher, and coach in the areas of risk, cultural change, leadership, and organizational development.
  • Executive leader in organizational change management, improvement, and innovation.
Stephen Forrest Headshot

Our Expertise in the Human Side of Consulting

Focusing on the human element is crucial for project success. Recognizing each team member’s unique skills and perspectives fosters collaboration, creativity, and positivity. Good communication, empathy, and a positive work environment are vital for navigating challenges and adapting to changes. Aligning with the goals and values of all involved ensures satisfaction and continued innovation.

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