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Examining the New IV-E/IV-D Guidance

With the new IV-E/IV-D guidance, it is crucial to examine the circumstances leading to its implementation and prepare agencies.

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The Unintended Consequences of Equality-Focused Child Support Policies

A nuanced approach is needed to serve children and families better. This can be done through an equity-focused child support policies.

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The Secret to Thriving Remote Teams

Leading a remote team is both a challenge and an opportunity. While distance may seem like a hurdle, it can lead to a better experience.

Programs, Child Support

How to Deliver Family-Focused Child Support Services

The shift to a family-focused approach in child support services is helping to build positive and lasting partnerships and remove the stigma.

Programs, Child Support

How Are Section 1115 Grants Used to Improve the Child Support Program?

Child support agencies often have innovative ideas for program improvement but lack resources to make it happen. Section 1115 grants can help.

Ideas, Programs, Systems, Child Support, Child Support Distribution, Pass Through

Where Do I Start When Passing Through More Child Support to Families with Limited Funding?

We share how to tap into section 1115 waivers to pay for the federal share of collections while testing changes to pass-through policies.

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What Does the Name Change of the Office of Child Support Services Mean for Children and Families?

The change to the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) to better reflects the services the office provides to assist families.

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Removing Barriers Through Virtual Training

We believe that virtual training can be a powerful tool for development, and we want to share three critical methods for achieving success. 

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The Importance of a Project Planning Phase

A project planning phase is a key component to ensuring the long-term success of not only the project itself but also the people involved.

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